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Koi Fish Pendant by GoldenDaffadowndilly
Koi Fish Pendant
Koi pendant, made of Premo. The fins are made with translucent clay, giving them a nice see-through appearance. Finished with Duraclear varnish. Comes with a jump ring on it to hang on a necklace, keychain, etc.

For sale at…
My Etsy store has been open for a while now, and I think I need to go ahead and try to set some guidelines for prices. I will only outline the prices of my polymer clay work here, as paintings are a completely different monster and I'm going to deal with those on a case-by-case basis. 

First and foremost, please please please PLEASE DO NOT send me a link to something someone else has made and is selling and ask me to make it for a lower price. I have had people do this and no. Just no. First off, I'm not going to steal a sale that rightfully 
belongs to someone else, and secondly, I'm not going to undervalue my work. I went to art school, I put lots of time and effort into my work, and I am not going to give away my items just to say I made a sale. Sorry, but no. Some people work in an office, some people work in a factory, and I work at home, making things to sell. 

base price is $15 per hour, plus AT LEAST an extra $5 per item thrown in to cover the cost of materials, perhaps more if the materials I use are more expensive than what I usually use.  

being said, if you see something on my Etsy account or here on Deviantart that I have made before and you want me to make something very similar, I will charge you what the other one was priced at, even if I happen to take longer to make it. 

PRICE GUIDE (All prices are for the 
base item, obviously more work means a higher price. These prices are not set in stone, it really does just depend on the item. These are just guidelines to give a general idea of what it will cost.)

Charm Necklaces- $20
Blue-ringed Octopus Necklace Commission by GoldenDaffadowndilly
The charms on these necklaces are a
bout 1 inch tall. Each necklace comes in your choice of chain length and color, and comes with one charm each. 

Small Figurines-$20+
Cutethulhu by GoldenDaffadowndilly
Slightly larger than charm necklaces, however they are not made to 
be worn. These are between 1 and 2 inches tall. 

Medium Figurines-$40+
Green Dragon Baby And Polymer Clay Crochet Blanket by GoldenDaffadowndilly
2-3 inches tall. These have more detail and may be holding a small prop.

Large Figurines-$60+

3-5 inches tall. Can come with a prop. Starting at this size and going up, sculptures are usually painted instead of made using colored clay, however they are still made out of Premo Sculpey. Remem
ber, the larger they get, the more likely it is that the price may end up increasing. 

Extra Large Figurines-Case 
by Case
Clarissa The Elephant by GoldenDaffadowndilly
5-8 inches tall. At this size, it can take quite a while to make things, so a 
base price would be very difficult to work out. 

Giant Figurines-Case 
by Case.
Rainbow Serpent by GoldenDaffadowndilly
8 inches+. As 
before, the size of these makes it very difficult to put a price estimate without knowing the approximate size  and details needed of the exact piece. 


Bloody White Rose Necklace by GoldenDaffadowndilly
These are necklaces that are much more complex than simple charm necklaces. I spend time designing not just the clay parts, 
but also the chain. Usually, these necklaces have roses as the focal points. These are definitely statement pieces and are more showy than the charm necklaces. 

Hermit Cra
Hermit Crab by GoldenDaffadowndilly
These little guys are actually very time consuming to make. They will almost always cost more than another figurine in the same size category just due to the complexity.

Hopefully I'm not forgetting anything, 
but I feel like I probably will have to revise it more in the future as I get more orders and have more specific pricing issues to deal with. :) 
Gingerbread Dragon by GoldenDaffadowndilly
Gingerbread Dragon
A "sweet" little gingerbread dragon made out of Premo, translucent liquid sculpey, glitter, and holiday cheer! I tried making him scented by mixing ground ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon into the clay, but alas, it was overpowered by the aroma of clay after baking. :(  It was odd making this one, as the "icing" on him is meant to look kind of messy, and it was hard for me to let myself be messy. And as cute as he is, I'd have to say my favorite part about him is actually the little gumdrop spikes I made. :)

ble to purchase at…
Blue-ringed Octopus Necklace Commission by GoldenDaffadowndilly
Blue-ringed Octopus Necklace Commission
A cute little blue-ringed octopus that I was commissioned to make as a Christmas gift. This little guy is actually the second I made...the first was attacked by an army of little black fuzzies in between my work station and the oven and unfortunately he was already baked by the time I noticed. 


GoldenDaffadowndilly's Profile Picture
Chanel Wilson
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Just a busy college art nerd, I spend most of my time in the art room. If I'm not there, I'm usually working on some sort of art project :)

Current Residence: Centerview, Missouri
Favourite genre of music: Techno
Favourite style of art: Depends on my mood :)
Operating System: Windows 2007
MP3 player of choice: My MyTouch phone
Shell of choice: Turtle shells XD
Wallpaper of choice: But...I have no wallpaper....just painted walls...
Skin of choice: The kind that keeps me warm...
Favourite cartoon character: Sgt. Keroro

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